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Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower


Monarch Fans specialize in the design, manufacture high efficiency, axial fans for industrial cooling tower application the designs diameter range 600 mm to 11 metres

Design and engineering the blade

The fans are designed on high-end engineering software and - Blade, element, momentum (BEM) method gives the method of calculation and performance according to CD/CL and tip losses, structural stability and choice of various MOC.

Monarch Fans has developed high efficiency optimized fans which meets customer's requirements with added facility of in-house pattern and mould making, the FRP blades are moulded with leading edge protection for erosion resistance, high degree of corrosion resistant protection.

Fan Know -how, their loads, improved calculations and virtual testing systems both performance and structurally have led this new generation of fan blades with optimum performance and fatigue life. These fans have been designed for a tip speed of 61 m / s. the expertise gained can be adapted to other tip speed for specific aerodynamic-duty point (Airflow Q and TP)

We have four blade plan-forms

  • Elliptical
  • Linear
  • Constant chord
  • Propeller -Sickle Conical for low noise
  • Left hand or right hand

The fans then made clockwise and anti-clock wise in 4 basic shapes and 8 styles with option of 32 blade shapes and have the capacity for very large diameter fans presently not mfg. A proof of our design a fan-turbine a photo is attached of a 10 ft with fan 9 blade special fan design and engineered for replacing a turbine fan (high Pressure) of an existing Cooling tower in Thailand this fan duty point was cfm “X' and SP 'Y' where our normal fan failed to work, were given the opportunity, were successful on all counts and supplied many sets.

Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower
Axial Fans Supplier Companies in Mumbai
Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower

The blades are made from a computer-generated aerofoil, with constant pitch, a variable chord to give desired airflow along the entire length of blade. The fan-blades are trimmed for TP, aerofoil, rpm. The FRP construction has an advantage of low weight, good corrosion. With proper blade and fan geometry, and correct selection of hub diameter, blade pitch and angle of attack eventually results in higher efficiency of the fan thus saving on energy for the same aerodynamic duty. Fan size comes from 500 mm to 28-foot fans extendable to 12 meters some photos of fan and fan-stack are attached. We can MTO “make to order”, ETO “Eng. to Order”, CTO “configure to order”

Monarch Fans are particularly suitable for applications in humid, dry and harsh environments such as:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Ventilation Systems

Monarch Fans are made in solid or hollow construction in fibre glass with a choice in hubs are fabricated MS in single or double plate constructions with SS fasteners and machined bore key way to suit motor / gearbox shaft.


The blades are individually moment balanced, the whole assembly is static balanced & matched marked before dispatch.

  • High mechanical & fatigue strength.
  • Erosion resistance on the leading edge of the blades.
  • Fans can be any diameter, Standard or non-standard.
  • Manually adjusted pitch rotors with FRP hollow fan blades up to 11000 mm .
  • Value for money extends beyond purchase price.

Raw materials conform to Indian standard. Blades are cast in Iso/Vinyl ester / Epoxy resins. Production is monitored at every stage and the following documents are available.


  • Testing and Conformity Certificate
  • Static and dynamic balancing Certificate
  • Materials certificate
  • Installations and maintenance manual

Fan Selection & Efficiency - Energy Saving Fans

Axial prop fans are speed specific applying fan laws to select against given airflow and pressure – viz fan diameter, speed, no of blades and hp which meets the air-duty point the end user of cooling tower enjoys energy savings the gain Y/Y.

While selecting the fan emphasis must be taken eff, and fan shaft hp, the present practice is to select a fan in options of 4, 6 & 8 blades for diameters without considering efficiency and pressure in some cases a bigger diameter fans are offered which has a VP below the threshold of fan which make the operating point very inefficient and sometimes the fan selection is considered assuming efficiency as 75% for full range of Flow-Pressure of performance curve.

The fan performance curve plotted for standard air density i.e., @ 1.2 kg/M3 for sea level – if fans operate at higher MSL air density is lower than sea level hence density ratio predicts the % of lower HP at higher MSL for the same duty. The power can be saved by reducing and maintaining tip clearance, optimum shaped air inlet, reducing noise levels and proper selecting the fan i.e. diameter, no of blades, rpm with higher efficiencies.

Axial fan designing and engineering in India


Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower


Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower

Fan Blade

Fan Stack

Our fan stacks or fan-casing have been engineered for air intake and Flare for air discharge at 7 deg, Air intake side of FS has special gradual smooth cone shape this shape create zero turbulence of air or add any SP Our ideal elliptic inlet type smoothens the airflow to fan and velocity recovery cone, Fan stack, resonance free, stable, recovers total pressure at air inlet hence reduces energy and increases air movement but an improper air intake will add 5~50 % (Fan Ring) of static pressure due to turbulence at intake and increase power at fan shaft the fan stack exhaust recovers VP and saves 6~6.5% in operating power of fan.

Fan Stacks for Cooling Tower
Axial Propeller Fans Manufacturer India