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At Monarch Fans we specialize in designing, engineering & manufacturing of high efficiency axial propeller fans that are trimmed for tip-speed and are virtually ‘tested’ for performance & strength.

Started in a very modest set up in 2007, 15 years ago, working steadfastly to add value and scale fans efficiencies for cooling towers and heat ex changers. We utilize the highest standards in digital technology to scale and produce high quality performance fans.

Our high-performance fans are now used by industry leaders in the marketplace. We also believe in a healthy exchange of fan-tech ideas through discussions. Our gained technical knowledge in designing and selection of fans translates into the production of fans that perform at the highest efficiency taking into factors such as optimum diameter, rpm and number of blades that operate at the most economical fan power consumption.

Our expertise, know-how, utilization of modern tools & the use of advanced software in industrial fan designs has opened more opportunities where we can now 3D model, prototype & develop these performance fans for any cooling-applications in various blade profiles or diameters.

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Axial Propeller Fans Manufacturer India

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To provide safe, reliable, continuous, and cost effective service through a strong support team of logistic associates dedicated to our customers needs and commitment to excellence.

To become the worlds preferred shipping and logistics company—applying insights, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society.

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we have geared up for designing a better tomorrow in logistics and supply chain.

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Axial Propeller Fans Manufacturer India

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